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  • Anas Farah 2:34 am on August 6, 2016 Permalink  

    10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Major in Business 

    1- Your first two years are pretty much a waste of USD100,000 on general education and elective requirements.

    2- Most of what you learn is just common sense packaged in a nicer and better way (All these “strategic” frameworks).

    3- You learn business administration from people who have never put a foot in industry or worked in a company or a managerial role.

    4- Your professors just care about their research (well, most of them).

    5- You become a money obsessed man who lacks creativity and only dreams of going into investment banking or consulting.

    6- You think you’re smart when you’re not.

    7- The only deliverable you can actually give to people is a nice PowerPoint presentation. You thinking that doing pivot tables is some sort of super advanced data analysis.

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    18 Things I Would Have Changed in My University Experience 


    1. Change my major to information systems or computer science because you can always do an MBA later.
    2. Do a minor completely unrelated to your field of study: Business Administration with Computer Science/Architecture. Opens up your brain and mind to new things and perspective and alternative career and more importantly life choices.
    3. Do an entrepreneurship track with as many classes as possible with professor Maher Hakim not because you will build the next big thing but because it will help you change your mindset and turn it into a let’s find the next venture kind of brain.
    4. Apply to more trips, not to say I didn’t but more is good.
    5. Become a CDA cause paying the dorms was just way too expensive.
    6. Stick to my job with MPR because it’s the best working environment with the best/nicest people I ever had.
    7. Take classes elsewhere for god’s sake if only McGinnis would let me. (My top choices would have been VCU or Northwestern).
    8. Go for a semester abroad but surely not to main campus cause it sucks over there (and it’s freezing cold). Europe or Asia would have been great places to visit.
    9. Take what I read online about I-banking and consulting on Mergersandinquisitions and Managementconsulted less seriously.
    10. Stop thinking too long term.
    11. Go to the career office more often because it’s never.
    12. Truly take the time to re-evaluate my major choice and how it matches my interests, strengths, values and abilities.
    13. Sleeping way way earlier because these late nights spent reading Quora and wikipedia weren’t that great
    14. Attend class because it would have taught me some self discipline.
    15. Respond to people’s whatsapp messages.
    16. Skype or call my sister/family more often
    17. Avoid committing to things I can’t do as it hurts my reputation.
    18. And more importantly, worry less as it’s not that big of a deal after all.
  • Anas Farah 11:50 pm on November 12, 2015 Permalink  


    Deadline is getting closer… She has to submit the final draft of her Phd…She is freaking out…I can understand…the work and commitment of a lifetime….a title so dear to my parents…a wish she always wanted to grant them…Now I can feel the pressure…the pain…the stress….Oh how I wish I was a bit more attentive before, to the little and small needs she had…But I was selfish.

    Regrets, I had many of them…I regretted not working enough during my high school years, I could have done better on my national exams…I regretted not working enough in university, I would have been able to graduate with Honors…I regretted not being proactive enough in job search, I could have secured that internship in a top bank or consulting firm.

    But I have never regretted not being kind enough to my friends…to my family…to my sister.

    How selfish of me. I feel horribly guilty of that today. How much pain and stress I could have relieved, even if it was for a tiny moment, from the shoulders of those who mattered the most.

    But I guess I was too selfish…regretting not being too determined to achieve my goals…thinking of how cool and great it will be to achieve all my dreams.

    How foolish of me…

    I was too selfish to be kind and emphatic. Too self absorbed in my own thoughts and world to care or give a damn about anyone or anything. Even those who were the closest to me.

    Maybe I was too absorbed in the narrative that life treated me badly, unfairly, horribly, unjustly. But that’s just an excuse.

    All these years of selfishness and self absorption made me an unkind and a distant person. Emotionally unattached, never moved by the feelings of others, their losses, their wins and happiness. I was always a witness, a spectator in their lives wondering why will they be so happy just because someone complimented them, encouraged them, gifted them something or remembered their birthday.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was a recipient of all of these, I have shown excitement and thankfulness but deep inside I didn’t feel the joy and happiness of knowing that their are people who cared about me because I didn’t care about anyone.

    One can claim that at some level I might care, that we all do care but it’s not our words that hold us accountable to the others but our actions. And I was a skilled master in not giving a damn.

    I saw people preparing birthday surprises to their friends, writing lengthy notes of words to show their appreciation, giving them hugs in the moments of sadness and happiness. I saw people cry together and laugh together out of kindness and empathy to each other. And I wondered when did I ever do any of this? When did I every experience any of this?

    Maybe a few times but clearly not with so much intensity and liveliness and I guess that throughout the years I lost that liveliness and with it all spontaneity. I was too rational, too goals focused, to cold hearted to feel for others. Shame on me…I am disgusted at myself.

    Indeed, I never learned to be kind to other people so how can I be kind to myself? Karma is a b****.

    But in a small chat, honest words from my sister, surprisingly seemed to me as a cry for support…I couldn’t see these things before…a complaint…a scream…a look…a sad face. I felt as if she was signalling to me that she needed to hear some words from me…kind words maybe? I guess she might have needed to hear them from me that way she can be kind to herself.

    And as if I was hit by some epiphany, I was rewinding my life and all these moments where she was giving me these signals. My goodness, their were so many of them, so many that I just ignored…How harsh and mean of me…

    How I wish I could go back in time…for the opportunity to say a kind word…give a hug…a tap on the back…a smile in face of adversity…a look in the eye…maybe I could have changed something…

    How I wish…but these are all wishes and now I have to live with those unbearable regrets.

  • Anas Farah 7:52 am on September 29, 2015 Permalink  


    In this silent room, I sit contemplating my life. I look back and I realise how fake and stupid I was to pretend being stronger than I was.

    Oh boy here I am trying too hard to impress whoever is going to read this, maybe trying too hard to impress myself.

    Yet I know, I really know that I am not a really good writer, my vocabulary is very limited and my ideas aren’t the most creative or innovative and most of the time it’s very hard for me to clearly put them down on paper.

    Ahh, for so many years I dreamed of being a published author someday. I didn’t really care about the writing part, I just wanted the fame.

    I know, I am horrible. Aren’t we all?

    I am shallow, running after fame and fortune. You didn’t know? Well I am here to tell you there are many many things you didn’t know about me.

    You are wondering aren’t you what am I talking about. Let me tell you this story.

    Once upon a time there was a boy. Ah screw it, this is a stereotypical story beginning. Hell no, I am going right to the point.

    I am weak, I am fragile, I am afraid of life, I don’t know what to do with my future, I am lost, I am in love, I have been rejected and it hurts.

    I am fake, I am really fake, I spent the last 20 years trying to build a persona that has nothing to do with who I really am. But who the heck am I?

    I don’t know. I am still trying to figure it out so please don’t ask where I see myself in 10 years or what are my top 3 strengths. I don’t know and I would like to believe that neither do you.

    You see me smile and laugh, but unfortunately I am very sad and desperate and scared. Oh yeah, you surely didn’t know I am on medication did you. Oh I love it, the attention I would get if I told people I take anti-depressant…little sad boy.

    Ahh Anas you’re disgusting me, always running after people’s attention. You little attention whore…I want attention, I die for it, I crave it.

    Well, I am also this little p****. I was bullied a couple of times when I was young, I didn’t stand up for myself. I was scared, I didn’t know if I could handle a couple of guys on my own. I didn’t know what to reply to the bloody bully.

    It never left my mind, It’s there, deep inside, the feeling that I am always vulnerable to someone’s teasing or insults. Maybe that’s why I always avoided conflict, I never really knew how to manage it.

    Ohh, boy don’t think I am peaceful, I am not. I am a ticking bomb and some of my very close friends had the unfortunate chance to be present when I exploded.

    I am scared to talk to strangers, I am scared to speak in public and I am really really scared to talk to hot girls.

    I was never good with girls, I grew up in a conservative family, trained from childhood to be reserved, to listen and not talk. Well, girls and me were always in opposite directions.

    I don’t say I wasn’t in the company of some good looking girls. I was. But I was the “nice guy”, I never dated any of them.

    I am shy, I am an introvert and I feel the most comfortable when I am at home on my own, watching TV or doing something on my computer. I am the epitome of the homebody.

    I never really liked going out much. It freaked me out. As crazy as it might seem, when I go out I think that everyone is looking at me. I see myself, unattractive, fat, not well dressed.

    So I decided not to go out much to avoid having these feelings.

    My life is a story of avoidance, I do my best to avoid bad feelings. I try to avoid rejection, regret, fear and the list goes on.

    I once called a company to ask for internships, I got rejected, I was destroyed.

    I sometimes feel like life is really all about emotional resiliency.

    I think I lack that a lot. But sometimes my sister tells me I am more resilient and stronger that I think.

    I found that talking to people about my problems and fears helps. I figured out that I am not the only person scared, afraid or lost in this world. Surprisingly many of my friends are.

    I don’t know if you have ever experienced this, but sometimes when I go to some coffeeshops, or clothes stores I feel like I am not welcomed over there, I feel that I don’t belong, that I am not worthy of being there.

    I hate that feeling, I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I hate feeling not worthy of something.

    Ahhh, it feels good to write this, It’s so liberating, to look at yourself in the eye and tell yourself that you aren’t that great superhero you want everyone to think you are.

    You know it and I know it too, we aren’t the personas we have spend so much time polishing.

    At least I am not. In fact, I am all the things I don’t want to be, all the things I never liked, all the things that I despised.

    Maybe I hate myself?

    I should probably get some therapy, it will help.

    Ahh but one thing at a time, I am trying to lose weight now. Maybe that will help with the girls.



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    How College Students Can Start Their Website – Part 2 

    In my previous article, I laid down the first step in starting a website. I talked to you about domain names, why you need and how to get one. I also said that getting a domain name is just a beginning. There are more steps involved in building a website.

    As I said before, getting a hosting space is the next step for anyone who wants to have their website. There are many hosting service providers. The only caveat is that many will charge prices that aren’t college students friendly.

    Paying $20 or $30 a month isn’t something a college student can afford. And most of the time the features offered aren’t what a college student needs in the first place.

    While most of these hosting services online are expensive, there are quit few that can be very gentle on a student budget. In fact, I am using one right now and it doesn’t cost me more than $35 a year. Today I am going to share with you the hosting package I use as well as show you how to get a subscription with them. They are called A Small Orange and they are: cheap, reliable and easy to use.

    A Small Orange: The Best Hosting Service Out There?

    I never heard of A Small Orange before last summer. I always wanted to get a hosting service but I always felt the ones available were expensive. I don’t recall how I came across A Small Orange but what I can say is that I felt in love with their service the first time I saw it.

    A Small Orange has two of the most interesting hosting plans you will find on the net: Tiny Plan and Small

    Tiny Plan 

    Tiny Plan is the package I am using right now. The benefits you get with the Tiny Plan package are the following:

    • 500 Mb storage space
    • 5 GB bandwidth
    • 1 Domain

    The Tiny plan will cost you a small $35 a year.

    The most common mistake beginners will make is to believe they need more than 500Mb for their websites. The reality is that you don’t, webpages are very light and won’t take up much space. As for the images, well with the amount of images hosting services available for free you would be crazy to host them on your hosting space. It will not only take up your storage space but your bandwidth as well.

    For all these reasons, I will recommend that you take the Tiny Plan if you are starting out.

    Small Plan 

    The Small Plan has the following key features and will cost $5 a month:

    • 5GB storage
    • 50GB bandwidth
    • Unlimited Domains

    Well nothing much to say here. If you are interested in hosting multiple websites then maybe you might be interested in moving to the small plan. It seems to be an interesting plan and I am currently considering moving to it as I am looking forward to having more than website.

    How To Buy Your Hosting Space With A Small Orange

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    How College Students Can Start Their Website – Part 1 

    My friends are surprised when they discover I have a website. They think that having a website is some hard and difficult thing to achieve and only companies or VIPs can have one.

    Well, that’s not true. I decided to make series of articles to show them how they can have their websites too. It’s not expensive and it’s super easy.

    Deciding On The Website’s Name

    The first step is to decide what’s the name of your website. If you’re looking for a personal portfolio format, chose your full name as your website’s name. If you are interested in blogging about dogs, golf or any other specific niche, chose something that’s close to your niche.

    What Should I Get: .com, .net, .info?

    I think that unless you’re a military, education institute you should always stick with .com. The first reason is that the .com is commonly used. The second reason is that the .com has some advantages over other domains when it comes to getting found in Google. .Net is too outdated while .info is associated with scam websites.

    Where do I get my Domain Name?

    Well, that’s the easiest part. There are literally thousands of places where you can get a domain name registered. I personally used 1&1, other famous big names are OVH and goDaddy. You can google “domain name registration” and compare between domain name registrars. Usually .com domain won’t cost more than $10 a year. Stay away from any additional add-ins like domain insurance or other non-sense the registrars try to sell you, they are mostly useless.

    Buying a domain name with 1&1

    How College students Can Start a Website

    Seems the domain we are interested in is available


    How College students Can Start a Website

    1&1 might want to upsell you a hosting service too but I wouldn’t stick with their hosting service. As a college student you’re broke and can’t afford 1&1. Continue with domain only


    How College students Can Start a Website

    More upsells! Thanks but you really need one domain name only.


    How College students Can Start a Website



    How College students Can Start a Website

    The last step is fairly simple, you register as a new customer and chose a payment method. I usually use Paypal for security reasons. Mabrook, you’re done!

    Last Few Words

    Congratulations, now you have domain name. But don’t get too excited we’re not done yet. A domain name is good but where the heck are you going to put your nice webpages. You need a hosting service. Hosting service? Didn’t you just tell me not to subscribe with 1&1 hosting service.

    Yes I did, I told you that 1&1 was too expensive for a college student, you don’t need to pay $20 a month for a hosting service, $35 a year will do. Stay tuned I will show you how next time.

    For now, take care. I hope you enjoyed this article.



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    Webinar Replay 


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